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Talk about hitting the ground running!

Talk about hitting the ground running! Tom Gregory released his debut single RUN TO YOU in 2017 on one of the world’s most successful dance labels: Kontor Records. With an airplay peak position of #27 plus 25 million streams, the song became one of the most played radio hits of 2018 . The next two singles LOSING SLEEP and HONEST added deeper colour to Tom’s musical spectrum, before SMALL STEPS cemented his status as a bona fide upcoming pop star.

Tom Gregory was born (10.11.1995) and raised with his two siblings in Blackpool, a faded seaside glamour town in the north-west of England. You can take the boy out of Blackpool … “I was always afraid of getting stuck in a job I hated. I never had any doubts that I wouldn’t succeed.” His time on The Voice UK is consigned to the past. The judges undoubtedly got that one wrong. He has also called time on his acting career, having played a role in a BBC series  – and before that he played in an indie band. “I needed the money at the time and it was a decent offer.” He isn’t planning a comeback. “Acting just drove me crazy.” Honesty, authenticity, that’s what counts. Tom’s talent extends beyond his distinctive voice, he also has the knack of captivating his audience in the shortest space of time. This was demonstrated to full effect on his support slots for Max Giesinger’s tour and the same again for the likes of James Morrison, Johannes Oerding and Michael Patrick Kelly… quickly chalking up over 70 concerts and festivals across one calendar year as his star shone ever brighter. His musical home, one might say, is Germany, as he treads a remarkably similar path to that fabled Liverpool combo The Beatles who famously kickstarted their musical careers in Hamburg some 60 years ago. The boy has set his sights high! Rapid success brings its own special challenges and Tom found himself asking the classic questions that every artist on an upward trajectory has to face: “Who am I – what does my music stand for?” 

SMALL STEPS opened a new chapter in Tom’s career. Organic, urban, expressive, created deep within and transported into the world with the help of his producers Matt James and Frank Sanders (M-22), it marks the point at which Tom fully harnessed his ability to touch people with words and music. In December 2019 Tom won the prestigious Audi Generation Award as further confirmation of his breakthrough into the pop scene and he continues to tick boxes on the way to success, including a superb performance at the Eurosonic 2020 Festival in the Netherlands, an event renowned as a launchpad for new talent across Europe.

The latest single FINGERTIPS has raised the bar even higher as Tom Gregory flies towards the summit on Europe’s airwaves. FINGERTIPS also offers a taster of things to come on Tom’s debut album “Heaven In A World So Cold” which is set to drop this autumn. Tom is the genuine article. What you see is what you get.  Music is what matters, the feelings that so often get forgotten. Tom is not afraid of failure. He’s pursuing his vision – honest, authentic, no fake glamour.


Tom Gregory



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